GPRS connection and Cloud data storage

SDI-12 for:               DELTA-T
GP2 Data Logger and
PR2 Profile Probe


  • Multiple PR2 SDI-12s can be connected to a compatible data logger via a single cable

  • Enables the creation of low cost highly flexible sensor networks

  • Compatible with existing PR2 access tubes and augering kits

  • Conforms to industry standard SDI-12 (v1.3) spec

  • Flexible integration with 3rd party SDI-12 hardware

  • New low power design; ideal for remote sites 

SDI-12 capability enables a single GP2 logger to potentially handle very large numbers of sensors


  • Huge additional input capacity for SDI-12 sensors

  • Existing analogue and digital channels fully available

  • Highly flexible logger + sensor networks

  • Free of charge upgrade 

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Waste Water Flow MEASUREMENT


NivuFlow 750 - a new way to measure


Newly installed - the NEW NivuFlow750  (Nivus)


So easy to program,
Runs instantenously perfectly !!


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Waste Water sampler


P6 New Line of portable MAXX Samplers

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ADC Bioscience - Multi-Sample soil respiration System


The EGA60 is a multi-channel soil respiration measuring system. A single EGA60 system is able to measure up to 24 soil samples.

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