Gas Sampling


  • Insertion in chimney, gas line, ...
  • With ceramic filter, heated, 
  • Sample temperature up to 1800degC.
  • Optional back purge and calibration input
  • Outdoor and Ex devices if needed

Gas Cooler

  • Freon-free, TUV approved,
  • Normal or Ex version
  • Compressor or peltier gas cooler.
  • Water condensate trap with automatic drainage.


  • Ex pumps optional,
  • Teflon or SS head for high corrosive gases,
  • Works for gases with condensates.
  • Small, hight or very high sample flow rate


  • Analyser filters, SS, PTFE, PVDF or PH construction.
  • Maximum operating pressure 315 bar.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 180°C.
  • Filtration porosity from 2 up to 100 micron with different filter elements,
  • by-pass connection for moisture sensor and alarm.
Sampling probe    
Gas Cooler    
Gas Pumps