Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements

Non-modulated Chlorophyll Measurements

(Kautsky effect)

  • Rapid strees screening devices
  • Photochemical efficiency and OJIP measurement modes
  • Direct readout of Fv/Fm, Fv/Fo, O at 20us, K, J, I, P, tFm, area over curve, PIabs (performance Index), Mo, Vj, S, M and T
  • Large data storage 
Pocket PEA   Handy-PEA
    Plant Stress Kit


Modulated Chlorophyll Measurements

  FMS 2
FMS2 OS-5P OS-30P+
Integrated fluorometer and gas exchange system

Chlorophyll Content Meter

Chlorophyll Content Meter
with GPS function
Chlorophyll Content Meter
For very small leaves
Chlorophyll Content Meter